Infrastructure and Local Insights
Whitehorse continues to thrive as a major destination for new infrastructure and development, with rail projects, parks and recreation upgrades to further boost liveability and amenity in the municipality.
Major transport projects will soon transform the way people live and commute in Whitehorse, reducing congestion and enhancing connectivity across the region.
Rail infrastructure remains a key focus, with the level crossing at Mont Albert fast tracked for removal in 2023. This will significantly reduce congestion in the busy precinct. The crossing will be removed by lowering the rail line, and a premium station built to provide better facilities and more services. The updated designs include green space with play areas and cycling and pedestrian paths that will be linked to Box Hill and Hawthorn.
New underground train stations will also be built at Burwood and Box Hill as part of the $50 billion Suburban Rail Loop. Work will start in 2022, and when complete the project will deliver critical connections to surrounding suburbs, the CBD and Melbourne Airport via an orbital link.
One of Victoria’s largest private urban regeneration projects, the billion-dollar Box Hill Central redevelopment, will create a world-class mixed-use and retail district for more than 6,000 workers and 3,800 residents across 5.5 hectares by 2030. The plans include an office tower, hotel, new town square, amphitheatre and 1,900 apartments.
Whitehorse’s enduring appeal to families will be strengthened, with the council spending close to $80 million to boost community facilities across the municipality over the coming year. This significant investment will include $6.54 million for the Morack Golf Course Pavilion, driving range and mini golf facility, $6.23 million for the refurbishment of Heatherdale Reserve Pavilion and $1.80 million for the replacement of the Main St bridge in Blackburn.
The multi-million-dollar Whitehorse Centre redevelopment will be completed by late 2023, including a new 600-seat auditorium, and Strathdon House and Orchard will be redeveloped into a vibrant sustainability and healthy living precinct for the community.
Schools in Whitehorse continue to draw buyers and strong competition, with homes in sought-after government zones attracting premiums. Box Hill High School, Blackburn High School and Mullauna Secondary College have all undertaken recent major redevelopments, adding to the strong educational choices available to the next generation of families in the area.
This strong infrastructure and development investment continues to drive fresh interest and demand in Whitehorse, ensuring the local property market is perfectly placed for continued growth.
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